Crash Plan Against Rat Pests

Crash Plan Against Rat Pests

Dorm cities are continually plagued by rat problems, not long ago the news about this problem sprang up in one of the sleeping cities near Madrid.

Faced with this problem, they had to carry out a crash plan to repair and clean the deteriorated ecological islands, which caused the accumulation of debris inside the ditches.

The City Council of the town of Alcorcon promoted an urgent deployment to repair, as far as possible, and carry out a cleaning and rooting procedure to avoid the risk of proliferation of new rat pests.

But not only this locality makes an effort to eradicate the rats since any carelessness, but a crack in the sidewalk, a sandwich in a park, garbage also can without a lid …, can make these rodents learn the location of these sources food.

Not only is their presence chilling for many, but rat pests also transmit disease.

People are very concerned about rat pest control and with good reason.

The rodents eat and contaminate food with your skin, urine, and feces.

Its constant gnawing damages property, which has occasionally caused power outages, Internet blackouts, computer failures, fires, and even human deaths.

A few centuries ago, 25 million people died of “black plague,” a disease of rats and transmitted to humans by fleas.

Rats continue to wreak havoc today

As published in a National Geographic article.

“Today the plague continues to spread through rodent fleas. This disease affects almost 3,000 people worldwide, being more common in the United States, Madagascar, China, India, and South America”

But not only plague is transmitted by rat pests but also other diseases such as:

  • leptospirosis
  • hantavirus pulmonary syndrome
  • at bite fever
  • threaten human health.

Additionally, about 20 percent of urban children become sensitized to rat allergens by developing asthma.

Rats have always existed and today, large rat communities live under cities, they can be seen walking down sewers and sometimes go out looking for food.

A crash plan together with effective pest control is necessary to keep these rodents at bay in our communities, hospitals, residences, businesses …

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