Do You Know How to Identify Bedbugs in a Hotel

Do You Know How to Identify Bedbugs in a Hotel

Considering all the media attention given to bed bug pests in recent years, the fact that most people still don’t know what they are is troubling.

Whether you’re traveling for work or just going on vacation, one of the last things you want is to have to deal with an insect infestation.

Where do bed bug pests hide in hotels?

Identify a possible infestation looking for physical signs of bedbugs such as (small brown spots on sheets, bedbug bites following the same pattern …)

 Bedbugs can hide anywhere in the hotel but are generally close to where people sleep. They are often in:

  • Mattress seams on the bed and bed bases.
  • Behind, under or in the headboards, night tables.

They can also be found at:

  • Upholstered furniture, sofas, and armchairs.
  • Behind pictures, curtains.
  • On plinths and wood trim.
  • Inside electrical outlets and light switches.

How to protect yourself from bedbugs while traveling?

To protect yourself from possible hotel bed bug infestations and avoid taking them home:

  • Stay at hotels that advertise they have a pest control and bed bug prevention program.
  • Put your luggage in the tub or on a table before beginning your room inspection.
  • Carefully inspect the bedspread, sheets, mattress seams, headboard, and furniture around the bed.
  • If bedbugs or bedbug signs are found, please inform the hotel reception immediately and request a different room.

Hotels must train their employees to recognize any infestation

Hotels should train their cleaning staff to recognize and report bedbugs in the earliest possible stages when infestations are most manageable.

Similarly, it is important to train front desk and customer service employees to respond promptly and empathetically when incidents arise within the hotel.

Finding a bed bug infestation can be devastating and detrimental to the Hotel’s good name.

In an age when online reviews can save or ruin a business, managers go out of their way to avoid a bad reputation.

Therefore, they must develop a plan to manage online reputation and be able to respond prudently to bed bug allegations at their facilities.

Every hotel company should have a pest control plan that goes a long way in gaining consumer confidence.

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