How to Clean Roach Droppings

How to Clean Roach Droppings

Roaches, wherever they go, leave excrement, an unpleasant odor, and stains on the walls.

They are very difficult to eradicate and the best thing for a severe infestation is to go to experts in cockroach pest control and not wait for them to become a big problem.

These stools can trigger an allergic response in many people, as well as diarrhea, asthma attacks, gastroenteritis, and salmonella.

But, in addition, they are not only a danger to human health but also contain pheromones that indicate other roaches to join them.

These “aggregation pheromones” must be removed if you want to control a roach infestation.

Find out how to identify roach droppings, how to clean your feces, and get rid of these invasive pests forever.

How to identify cockroach feces?

The feces of cockroaches are easy to spot, are usually the size of a grain of rice, ball-shaped, black, or brown.

They often go unnoticed. But a group of droppings means you have a major roach problem.

Why is it important to clean up cockroach droppings?

The cockroaches live in dirty environments such as sewers, drains, and landfills, they eat almost anything, including garbage, decaying food, and waste.

This is why roaches can spread many types of bacteria and pathogens to humans.

They contaminate food and surfaces by walking on it while leaving droppings.

Where to look for roach droppings?

The cockroach droppings will be present wherever they live. Common hiding places include: behind appliances, under sinks, in closets, pantries, around bathrooms, basements, etc.

If you notice roach droppings in these or other areas, it’s time to clean up.

How do you clean cockroach poop?

To systematically get rid of roach droppings, vacuum, and vacuum any droppings you find, be sure to vacuum large cracks or crevices that you may see in your home.

Then, thoroughly wash the areas where you have seen the feces and continue on countertops, furniture, appliances, floors, and any other places where you have seen signs of cockroaches.

Soap and water are a good start, another option is to use a disinfectant to clean surfaces, you can also use baking soda to help remove the roach smell.

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