Learn How Rats Survive Winter

Learn How Rats Survive Winter

Do rats survive the winter? For many, the arrival of winter may seem like the declining season for pests.

Although there are pests where there may be a decrease, in others, they are frequent throughout the year. One of them are rats, which since they cannot hibernate prepare for winter looking for sources of heat and food.

Rats may become more aggressive in their search for food beginning in the fall. Rats can eat almost anything, including trash, so they always have options.

In order for rats to survive in the harsh winter months, they need to eat large amounts of food, including waste.

This causes them to collect and store as much food as they can in their burrows: pet food, dead birds, paper, clothing, seeds, etc.

During the winter, the rats’ reproductive habits slow down, however, their basic needs become considerably more relevant. To survive, rats need a constant source of food and heat.

This leads the rats to the interiors of our homes and businesses, where the aforementioned items will be available in abundance.

Once they have found their new home, they begin to build their nests and reproduce. If this happens, the only plan to defeat rats and logical action is to seek the help of professional pest control.

Prevent rat pests in winter

It is important to maintain high standards of domestic and commercial hygiene to avoid any infestation.

We must ensure that we find possible access points that they can use. If necessary, rats will dig, chew lead, concrete blocks, aluminum, glass, brick, vinyl … until they achieve their goal.

Rats are highly intelligent rodents capable of developing complex solutions to our challenges, they learn and adapt quickly, making it difficult to keep them away from our homes entirely. Once they discover a route, they never forget it.

This type of pest always represents a threat to our health and is a constant nuisance. Using poisons is discouraged as it could be harmful to both rats and our pets.

It is best to ask a pest control professional for help, who will use different and effective methods to treat infestations.

If you’ve been wondering how rats survive winter, now you have the answer.

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