Noises on the ceiling, possible rats

Noises on the ceiling, possible rats

It’s 2 in the morning, you wake up and suddenly find yourself in bed thinking, “I swear I just heard something on the ceiling!”

It is common to hear in the silence of the night, the expansion and expansion of the materials of the house.

But, if it’s not the remarkable crack that the ceiling makes when it cools and contracts, the sounds you hear may be from rats.

In fact, if you are not at home during the day, you may not have had the opportunity to listen to them and it is at night when the house is silent, which alerts us to the presence of rats since it is when they increase their activity.

If the rats have assessed the interior of the house, unfortunately, they will be hidden in different places. At the slightest sign of a possible infestation, it is best to contact a professional rat pest control company, to root out your problem.

Rats are active pests year-round and can cause serious problems in a home. These rodents can be very fast, making it possible to hear them running around.

Signs of rat infestation

Certain signs can indicate an infestation and the size of the rat plague. For example, if rats are observed at night, but never during the day, the population probably has not yet grown too large.

You will probably find droppings and marks on the wood or other places in the house, near food packages, drawers, under sinks, pet food …

Sounds at night indicate the rats’ movements, the time they are actively foraging, and building their nesting areas.

If you have pets like cats or dogs, you can also observe their behavior and see if they feel excited or sniff certain areas of the house.

You may prefer to get rid of the rats yourself, but there are also likely to be times when you would rather call a pest control professional, they have extensive knowledge and tools to find out where they are hidden and how to get them out of the house, ensuring that the treatment of pest control as effective and durable as possible.

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