Prevent Bedbugs From Invading Your Home

Prevent Bedbugs From Invading Your Home

Do you know that bedbugs pose a major problem when they infest a place? Since bedbugs need a warm environment to reproduce, there are many places inside a home that offer those perfect conditions.

This pest can also be found in unsuspected places such as locker rooms of stores, laundries, hotels, public transport, doctor’s offices, movie theaters, padded seats or carpeted floors provide shelter and are perfect conductors for the transmission of bedbugs from a place to another.

Bedbugs could travel in your bag, and you may not even know it. Before a bed bug infestation, it is important to go to a pest control expert to eradicate the problem.

Tips to reduce the places where bedbugs can hide

Prevention is the key to avoiding bed bug infestations. Reduce your chances of having a bed bug infestation by following these tips:

  1. Get rid of the clutter.
  2. Avoid using blankets provided by a moving company: these garments cannot be cleaned regularly and may be infested with bedbugs from someone else’s belongings.

Inspect the bed of your hotel or rental apartment: look for small dark brown spots on sheets, mattresses. headboard, cushions …, and check that there are no signs of these unwanted insects.

  1. Vacuum frequently, even under and behind beds. Remove and inspect sheets, including pillows. If you see signs of bedbugs, wash the bedding using a hot water cycle, but if you don’t get rid of this pest don’t hesitate to call pest control professionals in Madrid.
  2. Check the entry points that you share with your neighbors and that can allow bedbugs access to the interior of your house, seal all cracks in walls, ceilings, and windows, they could also be hidden in pictures, lamps, plugs.
  3. Be careful with what you bring to your home or purchase, be very cautious with used items, even harmless products such as electronics, they can be perfect hiding places for bedbugs.
  4. And if you buy a new mattress, check it before it enters your house, often the mattresses are delivered in the same truck with which the old mattresses are carried.

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